070 Shake has effectively done away with her management group led by Julz of 1 AM vibes. We have learned that Shake, who is signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music imprint, is now represented by an Los Angeles-based consortium called Paradigm Agency. Julz née Julz Goddard, first came into contact with Shake in 2016 when her "Proud" single was making the rounds. Since then the name both names have been inseparably linked, though Julz has other interests outside of her managing duties. Julz' "social media" influence has made her an asset to up-and-coming artists such as 070 Shake, that is until now.



The announcement literally came out of nowhere like a ton of bricks, with 070 Shake instructing her contacts to lose Julz' contact information and pm her.



After leaving her fans in the cold for a moment, Shake revealed that her split with Julz was simply professional; that her decision has no bearing on her love for Julz Goddard.

Before that came to to pass, Julz was left wondering herself what had transpired. A Twitter user reacting to Shake's posts asked Julz to comment on the situation. Julz' response: "People change...Or maybe she was never who I thought she was in the first place."


While the breakup appeared to be headed for disaster, the two seem to be playing nice with spotlight turned in their direction. Hopefully both parties can come to some understanding so they can salvage their deep-lying friendship.