Last night, as we reported, Young Thug was forced to cancel his "Hi-Horse'd" tour stop in Seattle, Washington, due to an altercation with two "civilians" (as he put it) at the airport. 

The rapper, who is currently on tour with 21 Savage, was caught on camera throwing jabs at two Alaska Airline employees. Thugger called the two women "peasants" before changing his mind and referring to them as "ants" ("your manager peasant"), and offered them $15,000 to quit their jobs. The altercation began because Thug arrived late for his flight, and although they apparently offered him a seat on a partner airline, he declined.

Now Thug has caught some flack on the internets, because of the comments he made towards the two black female employees. Thugger has hopped on twitter to respond to the criticism he's received, saying that his comments were only directed towards to the two women at the airport, and not all black women. Read his tweet below.

Watch an Instagram clip of what got him in trouble, and his explanation to his fans afterwards, below.