X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been pushed back three times now. It was supposed to drop in November, but it was moved back to the Valentine's Day slot that Deadpool succeeded in. Then it was pushed back again just moments after Fox dropped the first official trailer. Sophie Turner, who is set to play Dark Phoenix, Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), director Simon Kinberg, and producer Hutch Parker took the stage at New York Comic Con on Friday to keep the promo for the film going regardless of setbacks. The team brought with them footage of the moment Jean Grey is consumed by the Phoenix Force, and Comicbook.com has relayed all the details. 

The scene consists of a rescue mission where a government spaceship needs help. The X-Men rush into space under Mystique's guidance, and they rescue passengers from the ship. Cyclops blasts away the malfunctioning thrusters while Nightcrawler and Quicksilver board the ship and hurriedly transport everyone to safety. When Jean joins in to help, she is consumed by the Phoenix force. For a full breakdown of the scene, head here.  

"I was told about six months before we started shooting the movie," Turner told the Comic-Con audience. "Luckily, he gave me enough time to prepare...Fans are so in love with this storyline and I really think that we did it justice." Dark Phoenix launches into theaters next Summer.