OutKast's influence has an insanely wide range, to the point that it's hard to find anyone in the hip hop community that doesn't have some sort of memory attached to their large body of work. In an interview on MTV RapFix, Wiz Khalifa (who may not immediately strike you as an OutKast fan) shared his own experiences with the duo's music, which he revealed was just as important to his mother as it was to him.

"My favorite memories of OutKast definitely come from my mom, because she played so much of their music." he told MTV. "It wasn't like they were old to me--because Outkast was hella relevant--but it was like my mom love Outkast as much as I did. So it tripped me out, because we could share that CD."

Khalifa explained that both he and his mother followed OutKast throughout their creative exploration. "We shared a lot of CDs but that was one of her favorite ones, and even when they started elevating their minds, and doing other things, she was a part of that movement, so in turn it helped me to grow with it to."

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Watch the interview below.