Wendy Williams seems to think Common is bad news for any prospective love interests, including his rumoured girlfriend, Tiffany Haddish. The controversial daytime talk show host has returned to broadcasting The Wendy Williams Show from home, and she's making sure to keep up with her Hot Topics segment. On Wednesday's episode of "Wendy @ Home," the host delved into Tiffany Haddish and Common's rumoured relationship. The two of them appear to be quarantining together after he was seen on her Instagram live with Cedric the Entertainer this week. While Tiffany's denied any romantic affiliation in the past, claiming the two are just "friends," speculation has been rising, so it was only right that Wendy addressed these rumours during Hot Topics.

“I like Tiffany Haddish and Common, only because she’s been lusting after him for so long," Wendy said. "So it appears that they might be quarantining together.” She goes on to explain how the public "found out" that the two of them might be isolating together, noting that it doesn't necessarily proved that they're dating. “Maybe she’s working on music [with him]," Wendy pondered. "She’s into that music thing. She’s gonna put out a new single and all like that." However, Wendy herself believes that something more than friendship is going on. "Are they quarantined together? I believe, yes," she said. "You know, she talked real girl-talk about what she’d do to him. So I guess it’s going down.”

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However, Wendy goes on to issue a warning to Tiffany about Common, telling her not to get too attached because of his unfavourable romantic history. “Tiffany, the thing is, don’t fall too hard in love," she declared. "Common is not good with women. That’s all I’m saying. He keeps you, until he’s done with you.” Wendy proceeds to go through Common's past relationships, before deciding that he's simply bad news.