The smackdown was being laid down in Washington D.C on Monday night, and not just by the WWE wrestlers.

According to TMZ, and other sources, well-known wrestling fan, Wale, was in attendance Monday night for WWE's "Raw" in his hometown of Washington D.C. It was there a heckler noticed Wale in attendance and decided to go at him on twitter, sending him threats and at one point, even dared him to meet during the live show. Well, the heckler's wish came true as Wale found the Twitter troll at D.C's Verizon Center and punched him right in the face.

After security broke up the scrum and escorted both parties backstage, Wale later returned to his seat to watch the fights with a bag of popcorn by his side as if nothing happened.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes from this story....

Check out some of the tweets below, as well as the pic of the guys involved (Man on left allegedly got hit).


[Update: Video Surfaces]

Well TMZ emphatic headline "punched" seems to be a little misleading. Thanks to technology the video of Wale's altercation has surfaced, and while it does show Wale getting involved in a brief physical altercation, it by no means was a “beat down” or even a full punch for that matter.

There's still a lesson to be learned here folks. Check out the footage below.