It was a little over two months ago that Tyrese and his wife Samantha Gibson revealed that they were seeking a divorce. The news came as a surprise to fans of both the acclaimed actor-singer and his wife, and since that time, Tyrese has hinted that he wouldn't be opposed to reconciling his family. Samantha hasn't shared if she's willing to give her marriage another go, but during an Instagram Live session with her followers, she said that she absolutely would not recommend dating someone famous.

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“I think women make a lot of—I think women want a certain type of notoriety in being with a certain guy," said Gibson. "That's not where your worth comes from. That's not where your validation comes from. Your validation comes from God and God alone, doesn't matter who you're with. I think women [see these] athletes and entertainers, and wanting to be with a certain kind of guys and we've got into the high-value men thing and everything like that."

"I’m not saying these guys are bad, but you have to also understand, these guys are self-made men," she continued. "There’s a lot of women that want these men, right? So, at the end of the day, these men are accustomed to getting their way. 'Cause they're the higher—there's a lot more that want them, they’re able to pick and choose and they’re able to do whatever."

Samantha said that many women decide the type of man with money or fame or power, but they aren't fully aware "that these guys have the pick of the litter." She claimed that these men "ain't gon' put up with everything" and they'll have expectations for the women they're in a relationship with to "settle and compromise and work things out within yourself" before they will do that as well.

"As women we value security, we value being with a man who is able to provide and protect us and provide the security that we feel like men should," Gibson said. However, she stated men know they have "way more options" so they don't necessarily fulfill other needs. Check out a portion of her Live below and let us know if you agree with her.