This past Saturday, Tyga performed a show at Cal State Fullerton, and despite the fact that it was an 18-and-up show and organizers told T-Raww that the 17-year-old Kylie Jenner couldn't attend, her brought her along anyway. The show was the university's annual Spring Concert, and beforehand, the college specifically requested that he not bring his girlfriend, but that didn't seem to matter to T-Raww.

He showed up an hour late, and perhaps because organizers couldn't find a replacement, they let the rapper and Jenner in. That wasn't the case back in November, when the couple faced a similar situation, but with stricter security, and Tyga decided to cancel the show because Jenner wasn't allowed in.

Just wait until August 10, when Kylie turns 18, and all they'll have to worry about is 21+ shows.