Tree Songs

  • Kinfolk
    Tree is about to release a joint project with Vic Spencer, but he hasn't stopped recording solo material, dropping a brand new record today called "Kinfolk". While the instrumental remains true to his style, the record isn't actually self-produced, with I.B. Classic providing the half soul trap, half T-Minus-core beat.
  • Weed & Clothes
    Weed & Clothes
    Vic Spencer and Tree are two of Chicago's most underrated talents, both interesting and slept on because they're out of step with current trends within the city's music scene. Thus, it'll only makes sense for the two rappers to team up, combining their strengths to break into the conversation.
  • Afrika Bambaataa (Freestyle)
    Afrika Bambaataa (Freestyle)
    Tree's "Treestyle" series continues today with a new one named after one of hip hop's most influential forces: "Afrika Bambaataa." This follows up his last one, "Platinum Chains," which arrived in the middle of May. 
  • Platinum Chains (Freestyle)
    Platinum Chains (Freestyle)
    After a prolific April full of new "Treestyles,," Chicago soul-trapper Tree waited until halfway through May to share another. This one's titled "Platinum Chains," and it was produced by Doc The Mindbender. 
  • Testify (Freestyle)
    Testify (Freestyle)
    The past month or two have given us a whole host of new "Treestyles" from Chicago "soul-trapper" Tree, and unlike the ones he was doing last year, they're all-original. The latest is "Testify," a cut produced by Jae Monee. 
  • I'm A Star (Freestyle)
    I'm A Star (Freestyle)
    Chicago's Tree has been hitting us with new freestyles all month, and today he shares a new one in honor of (or, more accurately, in preparation for) another crazy 4/20. He shared "I'm A Star" on SoundCloud with the caption "spending 420 in jamaica. leaving this just in case i visit tivoli gardens and dont make it."
  • Well (Freestyle)
    Well (Freestyle)
    For the past month or so, Chicago soul trapper Tree has been dropping a freestyle (or "Treestyle") per week, and it's about that time again. This one's called "Well" and it was produced by Playa Haze.
  • Off Gurl
    Off Gurl
    With his newly-released Trap Genius album still in rotation, Chicago’s MC Tree has been releasing a ton of new remixes lately for the fans. Having dropped “Places”, “Pimp C”, and “Macamilla” all within the past week, Tree decides to keep the streak alive and share another new one tonight called “Off Gurl”.
  • Macamilla (Freestyle)
    Macamilla (Freestyle)
    Starting with "Places" last week, Tree has been rolling out a new freestyle series, and today he shares one called "Macamilla." It's produced by Ferrari Tess.
  • Pimp C (Freestyle)
    Pimp C (Freestyle)
    With his newly-released Trap Genius album still in rotation, Chicago’s MC Tree decides to keep the content coming. On Monday, he dropped off a “Treestyle” called “Places”, and now tonight he’s back with another one called “Pimp C”.
  • Places (Freestyle)
    Places (Freestyle)
    Last year, Chicago MC Tree spent a few months dropping off a new remix (or, as he called it, "Treemix") every week, and now it seems like we might be in for a new weekly series of his. This time it's freestyles, or "Treestyles." The first one has arrived today, produced by The Rothschild Experiment and called "Places."
  • New Or Leins / Training Day
    New Or Leins / Training Day
    On Tuesday, Tree will drop off his long-awaited follow-up to last year's @MCTREEG EP, the Trap Genius tape. Having already shared a few cuts from the project, today the Chicago native liberates "New Or Leins / Training Day." It's produced by Seattle's always-phenomenal production duo Blue Sky Black Death.
  • Look At Me Now
    Look At Me Now
    Side-by-side comparisons don't get more stark than Tree's new song and the Chris Brown/Lil Wayne/Busta Rhymes/Diplo track of the same name. The latter's a crossover smash that features slick dance routines and a spazzy verse from Busta, and the former is soulful, slow and raw.  Taken from Tree's upcoming project Trap Genius, the track finds him comfortably in his "soul trap" lane, with his raspy voice contrasting nicely with the angelic vocal sample continually cresting behind him. 
  • Don't E'en Kare
    Don't E'en Kare
    Tree quietly released one of 2014's strongest projects with the MCTREEG EP, and he may do the same this year with Trap Genius, but hopefully this one makes a little more noise. The perpetually-hoarse Chicago rapper has provided a new record from his upcoming studio album, and it continues in the tradition of his gritty sample-based work.
  • Beef
    Tree continues to feed the streets with new content. After hitting us with tracks like “No Type Remix” & “Goodbye Summer” in the past couple weeks, the Chicago rapper returns today with another #Treemix for the fans, this time over the late Biggie Smallz' “What’s Beef”. The release comes just a day after we heard Tree lend a production hand to fellow Chicagoan Brian Fresco’s record “Bae”. Take a listen, and let us know what ya think! Quotable Lyrics:
  • Bae
    On September 25th, SAVEMONEY's Brian Fresco will release a joint EP with "soul trap" artist Tree, who's also from Chicago, entitled SoulMoney. We've already heard one cut, "Rose," from the upcoming release, and now the Windy City duo have shared a second. Entitled "Bae," this track has Fresco handling all the rapping while Tree mans the boards.
  • Goodbye Summer
    Goodbye Summer
    Chicago "soul trap" artist Tree has been spending the last few weeks making "Treemixes" of popular rap tracks, including Rae Sremmurd's "No Type," iLoveMakonnen and Drake's "Tuesday," Young Scooter's "Colombia" and Drake and Lil Wayne's "Grindin." Now he changes his tune for the latest installment of his Treemix series, opting to remix the song "Goodbye Summer" by Washington, DC band Misun. On SoundCloud, Tree writes, "It’s always a shame to have to let go of another one! You’ll want to keep this one on repeat and hold on to the heat as long as you can."
  • No Type (Remix)
    No Type (Remix)
    Recent Ear Drummers signees Rae Sremmurd dropped off a follow-up to their summer smash "No Flex Zone" a few weeks ago, entitled "No Type." Now Chicago MC Tree, who's recently taken to dropping remixes on Tuesdays, has posted his own version of the track on his SoundCloud page. Going in over Mike WiLL Made It's dope production, Tree flips the teen duo's lyrics about women into hilarious bars about weed. While Rae Sremmurd may have no "type" of women they prefer, Tree could say the same about bud strains, "whether OG or that sour," it makes him feel right.
  • Tuesday (Remix)
    Tuesday (Remix)
    Since dropping the original track "Bang Bang" a few weeks ago, self proclaimed "soultrap baron" Tree has been releasing "TreeMixes" of popular tracks including Drake and Lil Wayne's "Grindin" and Young Scooter's "Colombia." Now he's back with another, going in over what he calls "one of the hottest songs in the country right now undoubtedly," iLoveMakonnen's "Tuesday." 
  • Columbia (Remix)
    Columbia (Remix)
    Young Scooter's "Colombia," released back in 2013, hasn't seen a ton of freestyles or remixes as of late, but today Tree revisits the track with a #TreeMix. Spelling his version with a "u," as in "Columbia," Tree shifts his focus from the South American country to the NYC college (or maybe it's just a misspelling?).