A Tory Lanez concert in Midland, TX was shut down on Saturday night due to a "riot," reports TMZ. There seemed to be tension between Lanez and the venue's security before the crowd got belligerent and the show was cancelled. 

TMZ shared a video in which Lanez stands atop the crowd and yells, "Everybody come closer," before remarking, "bitch ass security." The video then jumps forward to a point in the show when attendees had begun to exit the venue. Those who still remain can be seen throwing chairs and glass bottles. 

A fan was able to catch the initial moments of chaos, as one can hear glass being broken in the below video. Lanez noticed that the situation was starting to look dangerous, and though there's no footage of any brawling, he told the crowd to stay safe and move away from the violence. Fans began to flee the venue, though Tory, as if expecting the show to be shut down at any moment, beckoned them to come back in for one more song. 

It took a little while for the crowd to situate itself for another song, and just as Lanez began "Diego," security got on stage in an attempt to bring the performance to a halt, which Lanez was not having. He quickly dodged two security guards to keep the show going for as long as he could. The video cuts off while "Diego" is still going on, though it's assumed that the performance ended soon thereafter. 

According to TMZ, the venue as well as the show's promoter are considering pressing charges against Lanez for being the inciter of the potentially violent outbreak.