It's been a minute since we've received updates on the sexual assault case surrounding Terry Crews, after he sued William Morris Endeavor Entertainment's Adam Venit for groping him inappropriately at a Hollywood function.

The last update came after Terry filed the suit with the LAPD and then alleged that his family was being spied on by the feds, also claiming that Russell Simmons trying to get him to drop the case was a set-up.

"I also believe @unclerush was asked to pressure me into dropping my case by @WME execs. Somehow they thought he was the “King of Black people," he tweeted at the time. "Someone hacked into the computer my son and I built together. I have to shut it down and replace the hard drive."

The latest news surrounding the case comes from TMZ, where the publication got its hands on court docs detailing Adam's response to the matter. Adam issued a denial saying that Terry can't win the case because there were no injuries. He is also claiming that his conduct was not sexual. 

Sources say Adam had too much to drink that night and him groping Terry's genitals was horseplay. It seems as though Adam is using his apology he made to Terry the next day as some sort of resolve to the matter. 

We'll keep you guys updated. What do you think?