Flacko season in effect. After getting A$AP Rocky's latest single, "Everyday," a wild collab with Miguel, Mark Ronson, and Rod Stewart, the hype for Rocky's A.L.L.A. continues as we get the album artwork. 

The cover keeps the same black-and-white aesthetic of Rocky's previous projects, Long.Live.A$AP and Live.Love.A$AP, save for one detail, a purple splotch on Rocky's right cheek, of course mimicking the late A$AP Yams' signature birthmark. Also like Yams, Rocky includes a small cross tattoo underneath his left eye. 

Upon closer look, there's also another face pictured beneath Rocky's clasped hands. Looking this way, it looks like Yams' face is protruding out of Rocky's forehead. Whatever's going on, the album will obviously be dedicated to the late, great Yamborghini. 

Check out the artwork below, and tell us what you think. 

A.L.L.A. living up to expectations thus far?