Two Queens natives who became wildly successful business men have parted ways. Russell Simmons told the New York Daily News earlier this week that he could no longer consider Donald Trump a friend, despite the long history the two have shared.

At the charity gala in midtown Manhattan, Simmons recalled the time the two used to spend together. He said they used to spend “every weekend” together at Trump’s Florida Mar-a-lago resort back in the day, and even went with Trump on his first date with now-First Lady Melania Trump. The current president also wrote the foreword for Simmons’ first two books. Asked if the two were still friends, Simmons said, “Not anymore.”

The falling out was inevitable, but the turning point in their friendship came after a 2015 video interview in which Simmons declared, “I’d rather Kim Kardashian be President.” Apparently Trump called Simmons' office afterwars to talk to him but the Def Jam founder refused to take the call, instead instructing his assistant to tell Trump to Google the interview if he had any questions about the statement. 

Simmons now plans to lead a “resistance” against Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. Such a relatable problem – when you can no longer be friends with someone because they’re running for President. Do you think Simmons and Trump ever bump “Real Friends” and reminisce about their past together?