Rick Ross returned to The Breakfast Club this morning, as a last bit of promo before his album Black Market impacts tomorrow. He also had a burst of promo this week when his "Color Money" song leaked, purveying disses to Drake and perhaps Lil Wayne or Birdman depending how you take the lyrics.

Wasting no time, the interview kicked off with discussion of "Color Money." Rick Ross will never say outright that he's dissing Drake, instead he gives us some open-ended statements like, "that record is what it is" and "it's a lot of people that's gunna interpret it a lot of different ways" and "everybody who know Rozay know how I get down" and finally, "let's see how it unfold."

When asked about the lyrics "So run Forest got some shooters and they dying too / I got more money than that pussy that you’re signed to," and if that's a reference to Lil Wayne, Birdman, or else J Prince, Ross assures us that "Weezy my homie. I was just with Weezy the other night in the club, he was just on the remix with me. J Prince that's my big homie."

Although Rozay clears both Wayne and J Prince as the lyric's target, Birdman is not so lucky. Ross admits, "I don't have one [a relationship] with Birdman."

He continued to speak his mind when it comes to how Birdman is treating Wayne, "Right now, really me just seeing what Wayne going through as an artist, me idolizing Birdman at a time, me looking up to Lil Wayne, Wayne being the first artist making to make so many feats not just as an artist but an artist coming through the South, that's something I took personal. For me to see the way things are transpiring, I can't respect that, and I don't respect that."

When the conversation about Birdman finally closes, Charlamagne says, "So we know the pussy that Drake signed to is now...We figured it out," to which Ross responds, "It shoulda been easy."

Catch the full interview below.