Drake has been catching some flack for his friendship with actor Millie Bobby Brown, who is most famous for her role in Stranger Things. Their friendship goes back a while after both realized that they were fans of the other, reaching out and becoming close buds. Millie was even one of Drake's "Scorpion Sightings" earlier this year as he was prepping the release of his album. In the last few days, many have been critiquing their relationship, saying that it may be inappropriate for somebody so young to be speaking regularly to Drake. According to Millie, the two speak all the time and oftentimes, Drizzy will give the 14-year-old dating advice. She stressed in an Instagram story that the people on the outside looking in shouldn't be so concerned.

The actor believes that everybody should be just a little more worried about some of the issues in the world today. She explained, "Why u gotta make a lovely friendship ur headline? U guys are weird... For real. im lucky to have people in the business extend their time to help me further my career and offer their wisdom and guidance." Drake has been around for a long time, both in television and music, and he has a lot of knowledge to share. Millie seems concerned that people believe there's more to their relationship than just advice and wisdom.

She ended by asking people to focus on the "real problems" that we face in the world other than her friendships. To be honest, that idea doesn't sound too farfetched. Read what she had to say below.