Meek Mill continues to be a target of rap beef, and he continues to take the bait. In a similar dynamic to his Cassidy feud, Meek has been trading words with the considerably less popular rapper Gillie Da Kid, specifically over his declaration of being the King Of Philly.

The beef has been ongoing, but was reignited with some tweets between the two artists, and spawned a diss track from Gillie last week. As with most disses these days, Meek is not mentioned by name, but the target is clear. "I'm the king. You a pawn. You sucka niggas be alarmed/You pussy nigga. I'm the don. You rookie nigga. I'm LeBron," Gillie raps.

The most recent development in the quarrel finds Meek responding to the diss, hopping on Dreamchasers artist Omelly's track "Panamera". He again names no names, rapping, “Ballin off in Miami I got two of them rings/I’m super rich ya’ll still trippin on who the king….So, you can diss in your raps but when I run into you/It's gon' be 'I didn't say that' or 'I don't want it with you.’”

Listen to both tracks, and view the rappers' tweets below.