Lori Loughlin's past comments have really come back to bite her in the ass. The Full House actress was one of 50 people busted in the biggest college bribery scam in history, after reportedly paying over $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters into ivy league schools. Lori allegedly paid the scam ringleader Rick Singer serious cash to edit images of her daughter's Oliva Jade and Isabella Rose to make it appear as if they were rowing, as a way to get them on the University of Southern California's crew team.

An old video posted to Olivia's YouTube account has now grabbed people's attention since Lori commented on the "all the money" she's dropped on her daughter's education after Olivia really called England a city. 

“If you said, ‘England is my city,’ I would have said, ‘Why did I pay all this money for your education?’” Lori said, where Olivia replied: “We’re just gonna leave it at that."

Lori, actress Felicity Huffman among the other 48 suspects have all been sued for $500 billion dollars for their involvement in the matter. The actress has yet to release a statement on the case, but we can only assume her lawyers and team are making sure whatever she says won't come back to haunt her