Michael B. Jordan was formerly one of the most private celebrities in Hollywood, but his recent relationship with Lori Harvey has turned him to the opposite. While they both used to be pretty secretive on social media, Michael and Lori seemingly cannot contain themselves, updating their fans on a near-daily basis with new pictures, comments, and more

On Tuesday afternoon, Lori Harvey felt like letting her followers in again, sharing a smiley new picture with her boyfriend on Instagram Stories. In the photo, they both smile as wide as possible, with MBJ looking particularly cheery. In fact, this might be the happiest we've ever seen the Black Panther villain. He does grab hold of one of Lori's breasts in the picture though, which likely explains his joy.

While people were initially high on the couple, the top comments on The Shade Room are noticeably different than just a few weeks ago. "She ain’t happy I can see it in her face," said one comment with over 25,000 likes. "It just feel... forced," added another. 

Considering the fact that neither of them is generally this open on social media, it makes sense that people would be skeptical of them as a couple now that they're sharing pics every day. Maybe they were just waiting for each other and are ready to finally let the world in?

Are you a fan of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey together?