Jada Pinkett Smith is a proponent of progressive views on relationships. She has shared some wisdom about female energy and divorce recently. Today, she offered her insights and experiences with heartbreak.

She filmed a testimony that deals with this common human experience.

"Every person we will ever meet is broken-hearted. And something happens early on when somebody breaks our confidence and love and kindness. And for me, my first heartbreak was from my father at 7 years old. And then many people and circumstances after that disappointed me and broke my heart. And it wasn't until I developed a really strong relationship with my higher power that my brokenness and my heartbreak could be healed."

Jada affirms that her heartbreak stemmed from "unrealistic expectations" placed on other people and "false beliefs about love." She recommends a "wonderful book" called Love Without Conditions that put her "on a beautiful path."

"When I finally found some humility and got over myself and surrendered to that Power that is far higher then 'I' and do the work to be for myself what I was demanding everyone else to be FOR me ... I was able to find the Kingdom within and every bit of love and healing I had been looking for all along. Here’s to the journey."

She asks her audience to reflect on their first experience with heartbreak and "how it shaped your life."