Yesterday Iamsu! appeared to be -the man-, basically insinuating he had a role to play in Frank Ocean's highly anticipated album Boys Don't Cry, which we know little about, save for the fact that it might be dropping in July.

Suzy Sixpeed tweeted out innocuously enough, "Damn frank ocean album blap!" and then adding a second tweet which read, "He did not disappoint! thanks for letting me be apart of history bro! Worth the wait!" Both tweets were deleted a short time later, although an explanation did not come immediately.

'Su hopped back on twitter later in the afternoon to say that his tweets regarding Frank Ocean we're all one big (not-so-hilarious) joke. He says, "I fully lied about that frank ocean shit I was just joking." Evidently, we did not get the joke.

Whatever the case, Ocean's album is on the way.