If you haven't been able to see the latest posts on Instagram or Facebook today, you're not alone. Millions of people are having trouble accessing the two social media websites, and have been for hours, after a reported outage on both services. 

Many of us spend the day alleviating our boredom by scrolling through our social networks. It's become a habit for a lot of people. When you've got some downtime, you head over to Instagram and check on what people are posting. Today though, many have expressed outrage on Twitter, which is the only medium that they can access, about its direct rivals.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to USA Today, the outage is happening on a worldwide scale with, although it is predominantly affecting those based in the United States and Western Europe. The issues have been rumored to be for "scheduled maintenance," a message which some users say they saw at the beginning of the blackout. The outage spans across Facebook Messenger as well. This afternoon, "#facebookdown" was the top trending topic on Twitter.

Has the social outage affected you? What are you doing to pass the time? Hopefully, both networks are back up and running soon.