An unfortunate news to report on this Christmas, and even more unfortunate circumstance for the family-- the oldest daughter of Eric Garner, Erica Garner, reportedly suffered a heart attack on Saturday night leaving her hospitalized on Sunday, Christmas Eve.

The news has apparently been confirmed by family members to the NY Daily News. Erica Garner had become an advocate against police brutality in the wake of father's death; Garner was killed at the hands of the police after being choked out for an extended period of time while arresting him. Erica Garner is reportedly on life support in the ICU following the heart attack and cannot breath on her own-- she's only 27-years old. Garner's mother told the NY Daily News that despite her critical condition, they haven't given up hope.

“(She) is still with us. She’s fighting,” her mother said. Erica's heart attack was reportedly brought on from an asthma attack. However she does have some previous medical issues with her heart-- following the birth of her son in August, whom she named Eric after her dad, she had her first heart attack. The doctors discovered that her heart was enlarged-- previously an unknown to the family-- and that the pregnancy had put a strain on her heart.

We're sending our well wishes and prayers to the Garner family at this difficult time. We'll update you on her condition should news surface.