This season has been an exercise in futility for the Golden State Warriors as it seems as though their whole team is injured and their world is crumbling before their very eyes. It's been a horrible stretch to start the season and last night, the Warriors lost yet another game, this time at the hands of the Utah Jazz. When you're always losing, it is very easy to get frustrated and that's what happened last night as Draymond Green was ejected.

It all started when he made contact with Jazz point guard Mike Conley. The ref called a foul on Green and it was safe to say he was upset about it. Green ended up walking over to the referee where he gave him a piece of his mind. This led to the first-ever ejection in Chase Center history.

For context, the Warriors recently moved to the Chase Center in San Francisco after decades of playing at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. So far, the Chase Center hasn't brought many good memories for Warriors fans and this first ejection is just one of many disappointments to come this season.

Hopefully, for the upper-middle-class Silicon Valley Warriors fans that grace the Chase Center every night, they will begin to improve sooner than later.