Desiigner's journey to fame began a couple months back, when the then-little known Brooklyn rapper signed to G.O.O.D. Music, off the strength of his underground (now aboveground) hit "Panda." We're saying off the strength of that one record, because that's really the only song we've heard from him, but we're sure G.O.O.D. Music label executives have heard a lot more, at least, we'd hope so. It's true Desiigner does have another, less catchy, song floating around the net, "Zombies," which he'll also perform live, but apart from that, we just listen to "Panda" on repeat.

Thus, it's pretty good news that Desiigner has a mixtape on the way. However, if he's trying to quell thoughts that he's blatantly stealing Future's swag, he's not doing a good job. Desiigner teased his mixtape on Instagram by using a photo a Prince, which is being likened to Fewtch's promo for his Purple Reign mixtape. Desiigner even debuted a new song recently titled "Pluto." ðŸ¤” So what's going on here? Is Desiigner trolling? Paying homage? None of the above? More importantly, why'd he use the cry-laughing emoji in his Instagram caption???

Stay tuned for more details on the mixtape, and peep the Instagram post below.