Deniro Farrar Explains The Uplifting Nature Of Cult Rap

Watch Deniro Farrar explain the uplifting nature of Cult Rap.

This is the third instalment in Deniro Farrar's ongoing Cult Rap profile series with Noisey, in which he explains the nature of his burgeoning movement.

"Cult Rap is a genre of music that connects with the listener through social commentary," he says. "[It's] used to uplift people going through hard times ... letting people know that I see what they go through."

Word. The music you hear in the background is unreleased material from his upcoming Rebirth EP, which is slated to drop on May 20th (pre-order it here, if you wish). Wach Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here, and keep up with Deniro via FacebookYouTube, Instagram and Twitter: @DeniroFarrar.

(This segment was directed by Mike Marasco, produced by David Laven and Meko Yohannes and edited by Philip Knopf and Carlos Haynes, with additional assistance from Anthony Supreme and Kasandra Baruch.)


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