Somebody hit a soft spot for City Girls rapper JT this weekend, who hit the block button on a fan for simply insinuating that she looks like Dreamville songstress Ari Lennox.

As the world goes crazy over Ari's latest picture uploads on Instagram, JT is likely crossing her fingers that nobody dares to compare her to the singer in the future. The rapper was seemingly bothered after a tweet went viral, suggesting that she looks like Ari Lennox.

"Hear me out," wrote a Chloe x Halle stan account on Twitter, sharing a side-by-side picture comparison of JT and Ari Lennox

Clearly, the City Girls star was not enthused because, mere hours after the tweet started gaining traction, picking up thousands of retweets and likes, she blocked the user to ensure that she never sees another post from them again. Was the comparison that bad? Ari Lennox is beautiful and, in the images the fan shared, they do look pretty alike. So what made her block them?

JT hasn't commented on the comparison, choosing to leave this one out of her mind.

Despite her being very active on social media, especially Twitter, JT doesn't seem keen to explain what happened and why she blocked the poor fan who was simply pointing something out.

Do you think they look alike?