Chris Brown was in a fender bender last month, in which he rear-ended a Mercedes in L.A. Despite Brown's claims that he no damage to the vehicle, and properly exchanged information with the driver, the case escalated to a Hit-and-run charge. 

Brown went on a twitter rant in his defense, insisting that his lawyer's would see to it that the charges were dropped, and it seems that things are going his way. Olga Gure-Kovalenko, the driver of the other car, has now expressed no desire to have Chris prosecuted, and the singer's lawyers have thus filed for the charges to be dropped.

While things are looking good for Brown, there are still a few loose ends in the case. At this point, the L.A. City Attorney has not yet decided to drop the case, reportedly asking for time to think it over.

Chris could also still be charged for driving without a valid California license, though his lawyers argue that the singer is still a Virginia resident, and his Virginia license is thus valid.

There is also the small possibility that any of the events could qualify as a probation violation, which could apparently land Brown in jail for up to four years.

More information to come as it arrives.


[Update: D.A. Moves To Revoke Brown's Probation]

While the victim in Chris Brown's hit-and-run case does not want to prosecute the singer, it seems the worst case scenario is unfolding for the singer, as the L.A. City Attorney has just filed legal documents asking for the judge in the infamous Rihanna case to revoke his probation.

The D.A. claims that Chris "willfully and unlawfully" broke the law in the hit-and-run incident, and even if the L.A. City Attorney agrees to drop the case, due to the victim's wishes, The D.A. will still press to revoke his probation, as it is a condition to obey all laws while under it.

Though the documents ask that Brown's probation be revoked and the singer brought into custody immediately, this is simply a standard request, and Chris will not be brought in when the D.A. goes to court today.

Either way, if it is ruled his probation has been broken, Brown faces up to 4 years in prison.

TMZ has also reported that the victim's lawyer will actually go to court this afternoon to support Brown's innocence.

The singer has since tweeted, expressing frustration with the circumstance. View his reaction below.

[Update: Brown's Probation Revoked]

Chris Brown appeared in court today, and despite his lawyer's best efforts to fight the ruling, the judge officially revoked his probation.

Brown is still a free man for the time being, but a probation violation hearing has been set in August. If the judge rules that Chris has broken his probation at said hearing, the singer could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.

Watch video of the ruling below.