When the Coronavirus was declared an international pandemic back in March, there was hope that it would go away quickly and that we would be able to go back to normal life. Unfortunately, this simply hasn't been possible, as millions are still suffering from the negative effects that the virus poses. In fact, the virus has contributed to a huge strain on our mental health, with a new CDC study confirming this.

In the study, the CDC surveyed over 5,000 people during the last week of June and asked them specifically about mental health. A staggering 25.5 percent of participants between the ages of 18 and 24 admitted that they considered suicide as a direct result of what was happening. Out of everyone surveyed, only 10 percent said they had considered taking their own lives.


Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

The study also shows that Black and Latinx participants were above average in terms of how many said they were feeling mental health effects. Perhaps one of the more sad statistics here is that 13.3 percent of participants say they turned to substance abuse as a way to cope with the stress that came as a direct result of the pandemic.

All of these figures go to show that the pandemic is extremely serious and will continue to have far-reaching effects on our mental health, financial stability, and career prospects.