It looks like some people enjoy risking their lives by trying Arnold Schwarzenegger these days. We last reported on the actor getting assaulted in South Africa during a visit to his charity-based athletic initiative, Arnold Classic Africa. The famed bodybuilder was having a chat with fans when a deranged fan came out of nowhere and launched at him. The latter resulted in Arnold getting drop kicked on his back. Interestingly, it strongly looked as though the fan was the only one truly injured in the process as Schwarzenegger barely flinched. It would be fair to assume that video going viral would have been enough to keep risk-takers away, but indubitably, folks still want to try their luck. New reports by Page Six reported the story, a thief attempted to rob The Terminator's bike. 

As the starlet was out pumping iron at an LA gym, a hooded bandit attempted to steal his $5,000 electric bike. Footage of the attempted theft was taken by bystanders right outside of the Gold's Gym in Venice where the 71-year-old was lifting weights. We can see the masked thief in a showdown with the actor's bodyguard as they stand by the custom-made Felt Outfitter mountain bike. The two argued shortly before the security whips out a taser. Following a short discussion, it appears as though the security let the suspect go. Arnold later comes out and takes a look at the bike. That was a close call for the thief--we are certain he would have not wanted to face Arnold Schwarzenneger.