A Wisconsin woman named Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck is the newest viral sensation. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the 46 year-old  earned her PhD in higher education leadership from Cardinal Stritch University. Dr. Marijuana Pepsi wrote her dissertation centered around the title of: “black names in white classrooms: Teacher behaviors and student perceptions,” and hopes to expand on her dissertation with a book.

Jokes aside, Dr. Pepsi has quite an interesting story, and an inspirational spirit. While many criticized her mother for giving the birth name, Marijuana Pepsi says she holds no ill will and even credits her mother for “making her the strong, balanced, entrepreneurial woman she is today.” Ironically, MP has never smoked weed (and does'nt even drink soda!). She explains many people trying to push back against her name — even trying to simply call her Mary — but her insistance on going by her birth name. The only time she strayed from the name was when she worked as a real estate agent. At that time, Marijuana Pepsi went by “MP” to avoid having her signs stolen. Now that she's earned the prestigious degree, Dr. P will start her Marijuana Pepsi Scholarship, "which starting this fall will give $500 each year to a deserving first-generation African American student enrolled at UW-Whitewater." The scholarship will be "a way of giving back for Marijuana, who received a $12,000 scholarship from Wisconsin Power & Light Co. to attend Whitewater right out of Beloit Memorial High School in 1990."

Noowww, jokes back to the forefront, you just know Twitter was going to eat this up like a hot slice of pizza. Users actually seemed to be disappointed after seeing "Marijuana Pepsi" headlines and assuming all types of foolery was coming from Execs over at Pepsi. SO without further ado, add a little chuckle to your day and check out some of the reactions people had below: