When he was at the top of his game, Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was taunting all of his rivals (and there were a lot of them...) with his success on the Billboard charts. These days, he's receiving virtually no love from the music industry. He doesn't get editorial support, playlist support, or much of anything really. He's solely working off the power of his name and his infamy, which is seemingly still working out for him after he debuted at #90 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week with his new single "ZAZA".

The rapper has been gloating about his recent success, rubbing it in the faces of his haters, especially Meek Mill, who allegedly had the music video pulled from the internet for "bullying". The video featured a clip of Meek and 6ix9ine's recent altercation outside of a Florida nightclub, and 6ix9ine shared the cease and desist letter that Meek's legal team reportedly sent him.

"@meekmill YOU MADE IT TO THE BILLBOARD," said 6ix9ine to Meek, who has been on the Billboard charts countless times in his career. He coupled the disrespectful caption with more bullying, sharing the video of them nearly getting into a fight once again.

What do you think 6ix9ine will do next? Or rather, who do you think he'll come after, and will they bite at his bait like Meek did? Or better yet, do you even care anymore?