Finally, a sentence has been handed down to Kooda B, the man who notoriously worked with Tekashi 6ix9ine during his rise to fame, and who was accused of shooting at Chief Keef at the rapper's orders.

After the coronavirus outbreak got out-of-hand, Kooda B was granted his temporary release from jail after being deemed a high-risk. One day following his release, it was reported that he may already have violated his terms, breaking social distancing guidelines and not impressing the judge in his case. He also released a few music videos, in which he was seen wearing a red bandana, which is something else that the judge took notice of. 

Kooda B was ordered back to jail and it looked like he was set to spend the next five years behind bars. That much was semi-accurate because, this morning, the rapper was officially sentenced to 54 months in prison.

The sentence was read by Judge Paul Engelmayer, who was also the judge in 6ix9ine's case.

"Mr. McKenzie, your music videos showed you with a red bandana, even after your arrest. This disappointed me. Your gang cut a man's face open. This type of mayhem is not to be celebrated," said the judge to Kooda B, real name Kintea McKenzie. "I must also consider the conditions of your release during the pandemic. I wrote a decision ordering your immediate release from prison. But I saw you had lied to me. You participated in a party, in a packed apartment, there was drugs and alcohol," continued the judge. "Your counsel said you had been selfish and reckless. But I didn't return you to prison because you might have been contagious. The video afforded an illuminating window into McKenzie: he disrespected his counsel, mocked other inmates requests. Your letter to me did not apologize for that. You put your self-interest first. But that's only part of you. You have many positive qualities. A sentence within the guideline range is warranted here."

Judge Engelmayer ended up giving Kooda B a 54-month sentence.

The sentence was reported by @innercitypress, with whom you could read our interview with the journalist here.