Music is the most important part of any party, and on New Year's Eve, it's even more of a big deal. Not only does your playlist have to be fire, it has to simultaneously bring back all the great memories of the year passed, as well as launch you into the next one.

We're leaving the midnight selection up to you, but leading up to that important moment, we've put together 10 songs that'll keep the momentum going. Of course, an important part of any playlist is keeping things fresh, so we didn't go too far back, instead picking out a few records -- some very familiar and others less so -- that haven't yet warn out their welcome (that means no "Trap Queen" or "Hotline Bling" -- sorry y'all!).

Below you'll find a Spotify playlist of the list (what's available that is), as well as some more great turn up records that should get you through the night.

What will you be bumping tonight? Let us know in the comments below.