Zoe Kravitz has been dropping off a few topless, half-nude images to her Instagram feed for a while now that many of her millions of followers simply can't help but notice. The last we saw was her peachy topless one and now she's maintaining her fruitful theme with another two images, this time with a watermelon. 

The Big Little Lies actress is seen posted up with just a floral top on and a busted watermelon as she posed for the camera. Of the two images, the one below is the most appropriate to re-share 

“[...]The idea of beauty is complex; what is it to be beautiful and what does that mean? Do we celebrate just the way you look, or do we celebrate people being who they are? The way people treat each other is so important," Zoe previously told Harper's Bazaar when discussing diversity in the beauty industry.

"So I’d love to incorporate that into the beauty industry. I love that it’s a conversation and I love that it’s something that’s on people’s minds because that’s how it all starts, right? Collective consciousness, conversation, dialogue.”