Yungeen Ace Maintains LeBron Is Better Than Jordan On "This Or That"

Mitch Findlay
January 10, 2020 12:27

Yungeen Ace is the latest to answer the tough questions.

Decisions, decisions. That's what HNHH's This Or That is all about, and today's latest episode puts Yungeen Ace into the hot seat. As is often the case, each answer reveals more insight into a rapper's character, and the lessons arrive off the bat. When tasked with picking between Breakfast and Dinner, Ace opts for the more pragmatic choice. "Breakfast," he explains. "I know how to cook three things. Eggs, pancakes, and sausage. That's all you need. I ain't ever cooked dinner. Only made noodles and fried hot dogs."

In keeping with the culinary theme, Ace also breaks down whether Popeyes ultimately holds the edge over Chic-Fil-A. "I just had Popeyes for the first time," he admits. "Cause they were always on some other shit every time I went. The next day, I went and got six more. Probably cause it's new though. Chic-Fil-A still good though and they been around for a long time. I'ma say Chic-Fil-A. I ain't gon' change on them like that." 

One of the more difficult questions comes next: Jordon or James? In this, Yungeen knows exactly where he stands. "I'm going to be honest, LeBron way better---I ain't gon' say way better, but he better than Jordan," says Ace, allowing that to be that. Given his decisive tone, it's likely that his comments will ruffle a few feathers -- though to be fair, Ace is 21 years old, having grown-up long removed from MJ's reign. What do you make of his decision? 

Check out the full video now, and stay tuned for more episodes of This Or That!

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