Today, rapper Yung Gleesh met his maker in a Travis County, Texas courthouse, over charges stemming from an incident at the 2015 edition of the SXSW festival. The Statesman reports that Gleesh has been found guilty of the attempted sexual assault of a woman knocked unconscious from the effects of alcohol. The charges were mitigated by the jury because they could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that he "succeeded" in his attempt (molestation).

According to local police, the alleged victim first came into contact with Yung Gleesh (Asa Asuncion) on March 20th, 2015, in the wee hours of the morning. The incident in question took place at the home of a mutual acquaintance.

The victim's friend told Austin police that Gleesh and another individual arrived at the home an hour after she had passed out due to intoxication (at roughly 2:30 am). At about 6 am the same morning, the key witness found her friend (the victim) and Yung Gleesh lying buck naked; a verbal altercation then ensued before she could be brought to the hospital for the administering of a "rape-kit." By the time officers had arrived at the scene, Yung Gleesh was reportedly nowhere to be found. The rapper canceled a series of scheduled performances the next week before turning himself in.