Young Thug is one of the most fascinating people in hip hop. Musically, he's ahead of the game and his off-kilter flow has evidently shifted the way that the new generation of rap is. His gender-fluid fashion sense has stirred both controversy and praise. Over the past few months, he hasn't been out and about as he usually is but he did shock fans when he announced that he'll be changing his name to Sex. No one really knew why he decided to change his name and for the most part, people still refer to him as Young Thug, Thug or Thugger. Today, he revealed where the name derives from.

Young Thug's decision to call himself Sex isn't as complicated as you might think. Earlier today, his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae asked him why his name is Sex. Young Thug revealed that Sex is simply a short for sexy.

"Cause I think I’m SEXY... and it’s short for sexy," he wrote.

It's not as complicated as one may think but it does make one wonder if he'll ever use the name Sex for an album instead of Young Thug

In other Young Thug news, the rapper alluded to releasing his new project Slime Language in the near future. In a since deleted tweet, he wrote, "#SlimeLanguage 15th" which seems to suggest it'll drop next Sunday.