Young Roddy "The Kenner Loop" Documentary (Part 4)

Danny Schwartz
December 17, 2015 12:03

Watch the final installment of Young Roddy's "The Kenner Loop" documentary.

The time has come for the fourth and final installment of Young Roddy's The Kenner Loop documentary. Here, Roddy tells Rob Markman his experiences touring with Jet Life -- his first substantial time spent outside of the Kenner/NOLA region -- and recalls his first the time he realized his music was making a legitimate impact on people.

Young Roddy hadn't released his debut album The Kenner Loop at the time of the interview, but he told Markman that the album already felt like a success, because he knew all of Kenner was behind of him. People from New Orleans had done it, but not many from Kenner (except maybe Jon Batiste).

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