There's nothing wrong with buying a "Treat Yo' Self" present when your birthday is on the horizon, and Young M.A did just that. The rapper will be turning 27 on April 3, and to celebrate another trip around the sun, Young M.A dopped a massive amount of cash on a new chain.

According to TMZ, Young M.A didn't just want to buy just any ol' necklace, so she called on Luxe Jewelers designers Ali G and Ali L in Atlanta to create her a custom piece. The publication reports that the chain has more than 39 carats of diamonds with a weight of 129 grams. The whole piece set her back a reported $140,000.

If you're going to go big for your birthday, you might as well go all out. Young M.A is partying it up overseas for her big day, which will actually be drawn out to a two-day celebration. On her actual birthday, the rapper will be in Dubai at Drai's and the following day the partying continues in Abu Dhabi at MAD on Yas Island.

It looks like M.A has accepted her fame status, but she makes sure that she's grounded. In an interview she did with Fader a few years back the rapper said she wasn't into being "extravagant." “I still feel normal. Like, I don’t feel like I’m a superstar," Young M.A said. "I still put myself in a position to be humble, to be normal. I don’t live in a big house, I’m not real extravagant or anything. I just like to be regular. I don’t want to lose myself.”