Young Jeezy recently told XXL that he would be down to do a collaborative project with T.I., “I already been on him man,” Jeezy said, “I been on him [to make the LP]. We got a record for his album, it’s crazy. A monster! To me I feel like it’s a ‘Put On’. I told him that. Crazy.”

Jeezy was influenced by the "Watch The Throne" tour and would like to do something similar, "my first tour was really the ‘Georgia Power Tour,” Jeezy reminisced. “‘Watch the Throne,’ the tour was big because it was a experience. At this point, I think I’ve done all the rap tours I can do. Now,  I wanna take it to the point where my fans come to my shows it’s a experience. That’s what I felt when I was watching the Watch the Throne show. It was a experience; ‘what they gonna do next?’”

The most recent collaboration between Jeezy & T.I. is on Jeezy's "F.A.M.E." off  "TM103" set to drop Dec. 20th!