Fresh off the release of his new album Bulletproof, Young Dolph stopped by The Breakfast Club. The Memphis rapper got deep, talking about the nature of change in the wake of success. Having spent the majority of his career as an independent artist, Dolph clearly understands that there are some differences in the major label / independent dichotomy. Chiefly, the budget. 

When Angela asked if he would sign to a major, Dolph answers "yeah" with minimal hesitation. He makes it clear that it's not because he wants somebody to carry the promotional load, but because as his ambitious plans increase in scale, so will the costs. "Music ain’t my only focus," says Dolph. "I’m a CEO. I got a whole record label...Dolph writing movies. Dolph into fashion. These folks having a billion dollars. Dolph finna get ready to get that billion dollars."

Stream Dolph's Bulletproof here.