All it takes is one viral moment to launch a career. We've seen it happen countless times and most recently, the kid who was recorded yodeling in a Walmart has a full fledged career in the music industry. He's already penned a record deal with the majors. Since the clip went viral, he's performed at Coachella and appeared on "Ellen." It's a pretty amazing feat for an 11 year old. However, his success isn't restricted to the single viral moment, his debut song has now been confirmed as a certified hit on Spotify.

Mason Ramsey's debut single, "Famous" dropped on Friday and it's already received a whole lot of plays. TMZ reports that within the first day, it received 600K plays and over the weekend, it continued to rise on the platform. As of today, his single has already received over 2.13 million streams and continues to receive even more plays. It's on it's way to become the most streamed country song globally on Spotify.

In addition to making major debut on Spotify, he's also helped raise the amount of streams for an OG country singer. They say that Mason Ramsey has increased Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" by over 2000%. That's the same song he performed during his Walmart performance that helped him gain all of this attention. In addition, his single is also number one on the country charts in the U.S and U.K. iTunes.

If Ramsey keeps this up, he has a promising career ahead of him.