Things went left at a Yo Gotti concert this past Saturday. According to TMZ, a crazed fan pushed his luck at Gotti's concert and surpassed the rapper's spatial boundaries. Obviously, the fan was tackled and crushed to bits as the hefty security stepped in. The incident occurred while Yo Gotti was killing the stage at The Block party festival in San Antonio. The overzealous fan made his approach and interestingly, Yo Gotti remains ever-so unfazed as his security Mortal Kombat slams the fan off stage. It almost seems as though the rapper expected for the crazy moment to happen. Footage captured the moment and can be seen below.

This would not be the first time a fan tries it. We reported on a similar occurrence with the controversial rapper DaBaby. As a fan requested a photo from the rapper on numerous occasions, he was also violently beaten by security. And during the vicious beating, DaBaby also chose to stand by, unbothered. The fan was hospitalized and fell into a coma for some time, which worried fans with regards to how DaBaby would be affected by the happening. Fortunately, the victim's health condition eventually stabilized. Whether or not a lawsuit is underway is still undetermined.