Over the past weekend Yo Gotti took the stage during Hot 107.9's annual Birthday Bash in Atlanta. Fresh off his performance, he announced the title of a forthcoming album to follow up last year'sI Am.

While talking with MTV News backstage after his Birthday Bash performance, Gotti revealed he only made the decision to drop an album in the coming year while he was on stage.

"Man I just decided on stage, I’m dropping an album this year," he said excitedly. "Yo Gotti new album drops this year, fourth quarter; it’s called The Art of Hustle. Just like that, no matter what we’re dropping, get ready."

The decision was so spur-of-the-moment that not even Gotti's label executives over at Epic knew about it. Gotti didn't give it a second thought though, stating,  "I’m the boss, CMG boss status. We don’t need no go ‘heads."

He continued to explain the album's title and how it relates to him. "I’m the ultimate hustler, so I’m finna give them the guideline,” Gotti said. "I’ma give the streets the how layout, the rules of how I done it. It’s The Art of Hustle like the Art of War. If everybody could do it, everybody would have money, won’t be nobody in jail. It’s like a book."

Are you excited for a new album from Yo Gotti?