YG has been enjoying decent reception for his album My Krazy Life since it was released a few days ago. It has a dirty, thorough sound that the recalls the echoes of previous recent masterpieces, like Kendrick's "GOOD Kid" record. That's exactly why YG thought Kendrick would be so keen to make an appearance on the record and he shared as much when talking to MTV about the record.

“I recorded it up in Atlanta and I knew that it sounded like a record that Kendrick would get on,” YG said. “So when I got to L.A.,his engineer who did his album, Ali, he mixed my album too, they been hearing my album since like September, so they been hearing it. Kendrick told me that when it was time to put out my album he was gonna hop on one of my records, so he wanted to hear the whole album. So we played him the whole album, then he heard that song, he like, ‘I’m hopping on that, that’s the best song on there.’ That’s how it came, just like that. Real simple."

It's telling, perhaps, that Kendrick found "Really Be" to be the best track on the album, but you can't fault him for wanting to be on his favorite song off the record. Unlike, perhaps, Kendrick's wary "Swimming Pools," YG's "Really Be" is a record that shares the big motivators in YG's life that drive him to drinking. 

“The inspiration behind the ‘Really Be’ record was just a whole bunch of stuff I was going through, that I been through,” he said. “I drink a lot of alcohol, you feel me, I wanted to let the people why I drink when I drink or when I smoke I smoke, or when the next person drink or smoke...most of the time it’s reasons behind that. You be tripping sometimes, you have something going on. Like today I woke up and there was stuff that I wanted to go on that didn’t go on right. So I woke up, I was mad, I was hot just off something little like that. But I got some of that Avión, I took that Avión back and I was cool. That’s how it go.”

YG is about to embark on an extensive tour in support of his album. You can watch the full interview below.