Don't underestimate those Canadian crowds. Though Edmonton, Alberta, Canada doesn't have nearly the rep that YG's native South Central L.A. has had for years, his show in the city last night proved that Edmontonian hip-hop fans still have the ability to wyle out with the best of 'em.

Though footage is by no means conclusive, fansreport that bottles were thrown at YG during his concert, ending the show after just about 20 minutes of action. YG apparently had nothing to say on the matter, as the following tweet was his only response to the concert. 


Watch two fan-shot clips of the hubbub below.


[Update: Club Promoter Says YG Started It]

TMZ now reports that the brawl that erupted over the weekend at YG's Edmonton show was mostly YG's doing. According to an unnamed club promoter, YG lost his voice shortly after the show started, and first attempted to mask it by raising the house volume.

When that didn't work, he started throwing water bottles at the crowd, and even went as far to jump down and punch a fan in the face. The promoter says the club is in danger of losing its license, and that it might press charges against the rapper.

Watch TMZ"s coverage of the event below.