A few weeks ago, YBN Almighty Jay was attacked and robbed in NYC, leaving him with 300 stitches and without a chain. The rapper addressed the attack a few days later on his song, "Let Me Breathe" which he recently decoded on Genius. The rapper explained that he feels like he's the one to blame for the incident because he was roaming around by himself without any security.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

"I ain't gon' lie I was laughing about it," he said about the aftermath of the attack. "It's like what do we do? We don't do nothing and we act weak and like, 'you took an L, you got your ass beat.' Or, I'm like fuck it this how I get paid," he continued. "I'm about to drop a song with the stitches in my face because everybody want to see them. I made the choice to shoot the video. That wasn't my manager -- nothing. It's not like I was crying about it."

He continued to explain that being famous doesn't make anyone immune to having a problem-less life, even if that's what it appears to be. 

Later on in the video, the rapper explained why he felt that it was his own fault that he was robbed and attacked. "I knew it was my fault," Jay admitted. "I didn't have no security. I was tripping."

Peep the video below.