Once again, a young rapper has found himself making a series of poor decisions, that may very well have a lasting impact on his career. At least, according to a new report from TMZ, which has YBN Almighty Jay as a suspect in a robbery.  According to law enforcement, Almighty Jay was shooting some visuals in Chatsworth, California, when he decided to engage in some illicit activity. Apparently, the YBN rapper was caught on the prowl alongside an unknown cohort, approaching rapper Skinnyfromthe9's Range Rover, where he and his associate proceeded to rob jewelry $40k chain, his $20k Rolex, and $20k in cash. 

Now, Almighty Jay is a suspect in a felony case of grand theft, which could very well put a damper on his career. After all, we've long come to understand what felony charges can do to an emerging rapper. To make the situation even more "world's dumbest criminals" worthy, the rappers were caught on a surveillance camera, in the act of robbing and fleeing alike.

To add insult to injury, TMZ claims that Skinny actually extended his hand to Almighty Jay a few days prior, allowing him a couch to crash during a collaborative session. "Sources" claim that Jay proceeded to use Skinny's gear in the same music video he was filming. As of now, neither Skinny's camp nor Almighty Jay's has issued a statement. Remember, the latter is currently a suspect, and official charges have yet to be pressed. One thing remains certain, however. Trust is hard to come by these days.