XXXTentacion's manager Solomon Sobande took a chance when he signed the late XXXTentacion, especially given the uncertain nature of the rapper's legal fate. Yet Sobande's resilience, hustler's ambition, and outside-the-box thinking ultimately proved beneficial for both parties. In a new Billboard interview, Sobande opened up about his path from initially discovering X, to making sure the incarcerated rapper was able to physically sign the management contract. Luckily, Sobande's resourcefulness manifested, and he managed to get sh*t done by any means necessary, even when literal barriers were placed between him and his goal. 

As he tells it, he actually had to bribe a prison guard to get a management contract in X's hands. "I went to the jail and waited for mad long. I was like, 'Can you sign this agreement?' He was like, 'How am I going to sign this through the glass?'” explains Sobande. Ever resourceful, he ended up donating his last $100 to the cause. "I gave the $100 to the guard, he took the contract to X, X signed it and gave it to me. I looked at the signature, and this shit said, 'J.O. I was so excited. I gave him a pound through the glass and left."

From that moment on, Sobande was able to secure his new client a distribution deal with EMPIRE. Fans of X should most definitely read the full interview, as it reveals an interesting perspective on the rapper's sudden come-up. Check it out here, courtesy of Billboard.