From getting thrown into the crowd to throwing out the sentiment of inequality using the crowd.

XXXTENTACION, the wild young rapper who's in the midst of a United States tour, paused a recent concert to send a strong message to all those in attendance and anyone who has seen the video uploads online. After playing an audio clip of an unidentified man talking about how the "n*****s and the Jews" are taking over the country, XXX launched into his retort.

"I don't give a f**k if you're black, white, yellow, purple, [if] you're gay, [if] you're straight, I give a f**k if you're a person," exclaimed XXXTENTACION to murmurs of agreement. He then led the crowd into a booming chant of "F**k the KKK." It's quite a sight to see on video, it must have been exceptional to witness in the flesh.

You can view the video from the concert below.